Nowadays face masks take a huge part of our daily lives. If we want to save both our and others lives we should wear a mask on our faces. It is not about liberty but only being human.

But if you are bored of usual masks you can add some color and designs to your masks with embroidery.

Here is a list for you to inspiration!

1. First One, Colorful Flower Patterns That Fit Your Mask

blue  flowers embroidery patterns on a white face mask


2. City of Stars, Are You Shing for Just This Mask?

moon and star embroidery patterns on a black face mask


3. ‘ Inhale and Exhale’ But With A Face Mask

inhale and exhale word embrodery patterns on a red face mask


4. It Is Easy To Embrodier But Enough To Look Beautiful

pink flower embroidery patterns on a beige face mask


5. These Cherry Blossoms Will Always Bloom On Your Beautiful Face

cherry blossem flower embroidery patterns on a green face mask


6. Corona Days Maybe Stay You Away From The Sea, But Can’t Stay You Away From It’s Idea!

a  blue whale embroidery pattern on a black face mask


7. A Daisy That Will Never Wither

a yewllow daisy embroidery pattern on a green face mask


8. Minimal Embroidery Patterns on Black Face Masks Looks Impressive

different embroidery patterns on black masks


9. Some Butterfly Embroidery Patterns Can Turn Your Day To A Summer Day Even The Day Is Cold!

flower and  butterfly embroidery patterns on a beige face mask


10. A Simple And Pretty Lavender Pattern on A Mask

a couple pink lavender embroidery pattern on a lilac mask


11. The Tartar Fabric And Flower Patterns Look Great Together

flower embroidery pattern on a  blue  tartan face mask


12. It is A Nice Way To Specialize Masks For You and Your Loved Ones

a j letter and flowers on it as embroidery patterns on a white face mask


13. Little Daisy Looks Minimal On The Mask

white little daisy embroidery patterns on a light brown face mask


14. Simple Patterns Can Be Quite İmpressive

tree  daisy embroidery pattern on a white face mask


15. If Anne of Green Gables Wore A Mask These Could Be Her Choice!

a pink and a green face masks that have flower embroidery patterns on them.


16. Frida Kahlo Never Will Be Out Of Fashion!

two face mask that has an frida kahlo embroidery pattern on them


17. A Black Mask That Highlight The Colors of Rose Patterns

pink roses embroidery pattern on a black mask.


If you wanna buy an embroidery machine and don’t know which you should buy you can read this article.

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